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Modern Studio Design With Creative Blue Closet Design in Studio at

Modern Studio Design With Creative Blue Closet Design


SourceFala Atelier | Website

LabelBlue Interior, Contemporary Interior, White Interior

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The interior of this studio apartment has a charming colors and patterns combinations. The walls are use clean white paint, combined with a deep blue colored on closet, while on the floor features a natural wooden pattern to give a natural look.

The most interesting on the interior design of this studio is the custom closet. Not only as a place to store clothes or other storage use, the idea of closet also serves to conceal and reveal the mini kitchen and sink. The bathroom door design is made as same as the closet door, same idea is also used in windows.

Blue and white colors are selected to make the room feel calm and comfortable. Selection and application of color and simple design is accompanied by a natural pattern, that is wooden patterns. Do you think this interior is minimalist, or contemporary? But that would be very comfortable to live in.


yellow splash in white studio accent color at

Yellow splash in white studio accent color.

An idea to decorating a white interior studio apartment. Bed design using kitchen cabinet layout idea, with the goal of adding space-saving storage options. Backsplash area in the kitchen (and bed) can be exploited to give the accent color, which is yellow. For white themed interior, yellow is very good as an accent to get a warm and cheerful atmosphere.